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AWARE clinic is a Functional Medicine practice operated by Dr. Wafaa Abdel-Hadi, the First Certified Functional Medicine Doctor in Egypt and the Middle East.

Established in April 2014,  AWARE clinic was first created for Cancer Awareness, Prevention & Genetic Counselling, introducing “The Anti-Cancer Life Style Concept” to the community; why wait to get cancer when we can prevent it.

While Exploring the Miracle of the Human Body to heal and regenerate, Functional Medicine appeared to be the next realistic step to learn about Medicine that makes sense through “Finding the root cause of the disease in order to reverse or improve it”.

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Dr. Nesma El Talawy, MD

Dr. Nesma El Talawy, MD

Clinical Pathology

Founder & CEO of Ibn Hayan Labs
Medical Doctor, clinical Pathology She is a passionate Clinical Pathologist, ...

Mrs. Laetitia Maillier

Mrs. Laetitia Maillier


Mrs. Maillier has a special passion towards healing naturally first before rushing into conventional drugs...


  • Listened to Dr Wafaa in Dublin last weekend. What an amazing lady. I wish she was practising in Dublin 💚

    thumb Emer McCudden
  • 5 star review  Super Dr. Wafaa Many Thanks .... excellent & interesting session at Jeera Club

    thumb Marwa Eed
  • 5 star review  So grateful to have known Dr. Wafaa. Very knowledgable and adopts a holistic approach which is much needed. Highly recommended for anyone seeking an integrated healthy approach and don't know where to start, she'll definitely put you on the right track 🙂

    thumb Sally Abed
  • 5 star review  Visit this page... it's very useful...invite all of your friends

    thumb Mero Magdy
  • 4 star review  صفحة مفيدة وناجحة

    thumb Nadia Mahmoud
  • 5 star review  All our lives are precious. We must work hard to save it and make a better world with a better quality of life. Early detection of cancer will defenately save us a lot of effort and trouble. Our lives are not only ours, but connected to others: our families , those who depend on us and those who love us.

    thumb Amani Hamza
  • 5 star review  ما شاء الله صفحة مفيدة، الف مبروك وبالتوفيق دايما، وكل سنة وانت طيبة.

    thumb Laila Mabrouk
  • 5 star review  Professional

    thumb Eman Abdel-Hady
  • 5 star review  Great initiative.. thinking out of the box to reach a helping hand to those facing one of the most difficult struggles in their lives

    thumb Ingy Deif

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