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Discover new approaches to wellness at AWARE Clinic, where we believe that true healing begins with knowledge.

It is Time to Revolutionize our approach to Chronic Diseases 

Education First

We believe that knowledge is the foundation of empowerment. 

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive, easy-to-understand information that allows you to make informed decisions about your health.

Metabolic Reprogramming

Our Approach goes beyond treating symptoms. We focus on addressing the underlying imbalances in your body, fostering true and lasting wellness.

Personalized Support

 We take the time to understand your unique needs, offering personalized guidance and support throughout your recovery journey to sustain your great results.

What is Applied Metabolic Therapy?

Your metabolism refers to the hundreds of biological processes that collectively turn the food you eat into the energy your body needs to function properly, grow and repair.

Genetics, and the interplay between our genes and our environment, mean that each person’s metabolism is different. So our tailored programs provide

Lifestyle Interventions,  
Personalised Nutrition 

Targeted Therapies 

designed to support YOUR overall health (recovery) and well-being

so that you can live the life you deserve.


Steps to Start your Recovery Journey, Succeed & Sustain Results:

Steps to Start your Recovery Journey

Steps to Start you Recovery Journey, Succeed & Sustain Results:


We Listen

  • Tell us about Yourself
  • What are your health imbalances?
  • What are your Challenges & Concerns?
step 1 to 2


We work together

  • Recovery Fundamentals Program
  • Starting new Healthy Habits
  • Answering your Questions
  • Feel the Positive Change!
step 2 to 3


Personalize your Needs

  • Organize your info (bloods, scans, etc.)
  • Book your 1-on-1 unique Consultation
  • Fine Tune your Whole Body
  • Continue the positive change on RFP
step 3 to 4


YOU Take Control

  • Healthy Habits Become a lifestyle
  • Frustration Turns to confidence
  • Challenge becomes Victory
  • Concerns are History
step 4 to 5


Sustain Health & Vitality

  • Apply for RFP- Mastery Membership
  • New Scientific Data at your fingertips
  • Be part of our Community
  • Spread Awareness, make an Impact

Clarity, Support & Confidence

It’s taken the AWARE team years to distill the principles of metabolic medicine into a rigorous, evidence-based approach that is designed to benefit as many people as possible.

At the heart of it all is our flagship Recovery Fundamentals Program. This six-month online program is informed by decades of combined experience helping people who are living with or facing chronic conditions, including autoimmune issues, heart disease, cancer, mental health conditions and Type 1 and 2 diabetes.

Applied Metabolic Therapy is your shortcut to optimal health!

"I really appreciate everything you are doing for me. You are one of the smartest people I know and I am soooo blessed to have you ahead of my team. You are so down to earth, witty and fun to be around but most of all have big hearts and huge passions to help others. I can't tell you how blessed I feel to have you and Patricia as my health care team."

B.B, USA, age: 43

"I really believe that your Recovery Fundamentals program is giving me the chance to feel amazing and recover quickly after the surgery"

Jon, UK: Age 65

"Patricia and Dr Wafaa are such a lifeline. When you are feeling there is no way forward, the weekly classes set you back on track and give you all the tools, knowledge and encouragement to implement changes to aid your recovery. I’ve learnt so much and even managed to get my oncologist to accept that what I’m doing is improving my chances... I now feel in control of my cancer. Having the knowledge that is shared puts me mentally in a much better place. Recovery Fundamentals has “saved my life” as without the support given I would have spiralled into despair. Given a stage IV prognosis does not mean life is over. By following advice given I feel healthier, in a much better place than I was just left to the standard of care. Thank you x"

Kate, UK

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