Meet The Founders Of AWARE Clinic

 The Metabolic Oncologist

Dr Wafaa abdel-Hadi, MBBCH, MSc, IFMC-MD

Founder of AWARE clinic for Functional Medicine and Integrative Oncology in 2014
Co-founder and Chairman of AWARE clinic for Metabolic Therapy in 2024

Dr Wafaa is a Clinical Oncologist & Functional Medicine Doctor,  an international Speaker, researcher and the Founder of AWARE clinic – a professional Educational platform that guides people on how to take charge of their health through analyzing the pattern of their imbalances and trusting in the Miracle of the human body to heal when given the right tools to survive and thrive, That is called “Reprograming of your body” by implementing the “Recovery Fundamentals”.

She is an advisory board member of the German-based European Keto Live Centre for Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies. She is also on the scientific curriculum board committee of the Integrative Oncology Working Group (IOWG), USA and the first certified Functional Medicine Doctor in Egypt and the Middle East from The Institute for Functional Medicine, IFM, USA and a certified international health coach from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, USA, which empowers her to closely establish the confidence and empathy needed to work with her patients.

Languages: Arabic, English & French

The Marvel Nutritionist

Patricia Daly

Founder of PatriciaDaly for Metabolic Nutritional Therapy 
Co-founder & CEO of AWARE clinic for Metabolic Therapy in 2024

Patricia Daly is an experienced and internationally recognized nutritional therapist (MSc, dipNT, mBANT, rCNHC) specialising in the personalised application of ketogenic metabolic therapies for recovery from chronic health challenges. She credits the ketogenic lifestyle for successfully quieting an aggressive eye tumour she was diagnosed with fifteen years ago. In 2021, she completed her MSc degree in “Advanced Nutrition in Research and Practice” at Middlesex University in London.

Patricia is co-author of The Ketogenic Kitchen, a best-selling cookbook that includes meal plans for therapeutic carbohydrate restriction. Born in Switzerland and living in Ireland, Patricia is a proud founding and advisory member of the European Keto Live Center based in Switzerland. She regularly speaks at international conferences and has established herself as one of the leading practitioners in the field of metabolic therapies.

Nothing makes her prouder than witnessing her clients transform from bystanders to active and empowered participants on their health journey.

Languages: English, French, (Swiss) German 

Our Mission & Vision

AWARE clinic is an online Personalized Applied Metabolic Therapy clinic. It was established in 2014 by our Clinical Oncologist Dr. Wafaa Abdel-Hadi.

In January 2024, we announced the merge and partnership of Patricia Daly with AWARE clinic to further optimize your Recovery Journey with her unique Nutritional & Lifestyle approach to Metabolic Therapy.
The name “AWARE” stands for “All World At Risk Education“, symbolizing our dedication to spreading knowledge worldwide. That is why we are gathered here from all around the world to share our combined clinical experience and knowledge with you – seeking help to optimize your health.

We strongly believe that being AWARE of your underlying health imbalances is crucial for preventing and reversing diseases within the body.

Understanding the evolution of diseases and harnessing this knowledge to analyze underlying imbalances is the key to unleashing the miraculous healing potential of the human body. This transformative process, known as “Reprogramming your body,” is achieved through the implementation of the “Recovery Fundamentals”. It goes without saying that all our programs and offerings are backed up by scientific evidence & ongoing research.

Meet the Team

Our Main Experts

Dr. Wafaa Abdel-Hadi MD

The Metabolic Oncologist

Cheif Medical Director

Clinical Oncologist & Functional Medicine Doctor

Patricia Daly NT

The Marvel Nutritionist

Cheif Metabolic Nutrition Consultant

Metabolic & Ketogenic Therapies

Dr. Elke Lorenz MD

The Holistic Cardiologist

Cheif Scientific Director

Cardiologist & Metabolic Health Expert

Our Advisory Medical Experts

Dr Ahmed ELSakka MD

Applied Clinical Biochemistry, Neurological & Cancer Metabolism

Dr. Tomás Duraj MD

Applied Bio-Energetic Modulation & Cancer Metabolism Research.

Dr Amr ElSamman MD FACS

Neuro-Surgeon Consultant

Dr Ian Lake MD

General Practitioner, Type 1 Diabetes Expert

Dr. Henning Saupe MD

Integrative Medicine Doctor

Our Transformation Team

Domini Kemp

Culinary Director

Janet Haase

Clinic Operations

Dr. Mona Meyer, Ph.D

 Cancer & Wellness Coach

Zahra Hassan

Clinical Pharmacist

Heba ElSayed FCNC

Functional Nutritional Counselor

Laetitia Maillier

Naturopath & clinic manager

We offer Transformative Metabolic Care

Re-activate the Miracle of the Human Body