The Holistic Cardiologist

Dr Elke Lorenz

Founder of Ketobyheart 
Medical Officer of AWARE clinic for Metabolic Therapy in 2024

Dr. Elke Lorenz is an experienced cardiologist and lipidologist having worked for 9 years at the internationally renowned German Heart Center of the Technical University of Munich. She specialized in nutritional and preventive medicine with her focus on preventing and treating cardiovascular risk factors with a holistic approach including lifestyle, ketogenic metabolic therapy, micronutrient supplementation, stress management and trauma therapy.

As the two latter are too often root causes for unfavorable behavior, leading to (not only) cardiovascular risk factors and their following diseases, she is also a certified hypnotherapist.

In her online practice she gives advice to cardiovascular and risk factor management, lipid metabolism, type 2 diabetes, adiposity, hypertension but has also specialized over the years in complementary treatment of autoimmune diseases which are often associated with gut issues. Extensive laboratory work (blood, stool, urine) and nutrigenetic testing are important tools she uses with her clients and patients.

Besides, Dr. Elke Lorenz is a proud advisory member of the European Keto Live Center based in Switzerland and regularly teaches dietitians and health coaches in the field of lifestyle medicine and prevention. 

My Experience

  • Clinical Cardiology
  • Lipidology and Metabolic Health
  • Nutritional and Preventive Medicine
  • Gut Health and Autoimmune diseases
  • Nutrigenomics
  • extensive laboratory testing and interpretation

My Education

  • State examination in Medicine, BLÄK, Munich, Germany
  • Clinical Cardiologist, BLÄK, Munich, Germany
  • Nutritional Medicine, German Academy of Nutritional Medicine
  • Cardiovascular Preventive Medicine, German Association of Cardiology 
  • Hypnotherapist, Dr. CB Academy

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