Are you ready to say good bye to “quick fixes” and embrace sustainable habits tailored to your unique metabolic needs?

Welcome to our Recovery Fundamentals Program

This program is for you if you’re highly motivated and keen to recover from chronic conditions with applied metabolic therapy.

Our main mission? To help you reclaim your vitality and peace of mind- without confusion and overwhelm.

If you are:

  • Tired of researching for yourself and getting caught up in a spiral of overwhelming confusion
  • Feeling paralysed with all the information so that you end up taking no action (or going down deep “rabbit holes”)
  • Eager to find an effective way to analyse and optimise your metabolic health
  • Keen to learn what the fundamentals of recovery and health truly are- tailored to your unique genomic, metabolic and social needs
  • Looking for practitioners that not only have the qualifications, skills, professional but also personal experience to support you and to be your health advocate
  • Seeking the connection to other like-minded individuals, being “part of a tribe”
  • Willing to take data-driven action (and not just guess or follow someone else’s protocol!)

Recovery Fundamentals Program

A 6-month intensive support program with individual and group sessions, live mentoring, training videos, community, motivation, implementation support and focus.

After completion of the programme, you will be eligible to stay in our ongoing “Recovery Mastery Membership”. This provides you with continued access to the programme material- including any updates- and monthly live group sessions with a medical doctor to keep you on track and motivated. 90% of our past participants chose to stay in our ongoing membership!

Master how to design your nutrition and lifestyle program without distraction, confusion and overwhelm.

Here’s what the program includes:

  • 1x 75-minute, individual consultation with Patricia Daly to get you off to the best start.
  • 1x weekly online clinic for 60 minutes, scheduled to take place every Wednesday at 9am UK time/ 6pm Sydney time, alternating with 12pm EST/ 5pm UK time to accommodate different time zones. All live sessions are recorded and questions are sent in advance.
  • On the first or second Wednesday of every month (rotating time zones), we offer a “Recipe and Cooking Club” with Domini Kemp and Patricia Daly from the bestselling “The Ketogenic Kitchen”.
  • Continued access to Dr Wafaa and Patricia via monthly clinics and video material (including future updates) via the “Recovery Mastery Membership” option.
  • A comprehensive but succinct library of short video sessions for crucial lifestyle fundamentals and how to implement them in a step-wise manner
  • Mindset, emotional and motivation work (we also call this “inner work”) to build sustainable habits, reduce anxiety and keep you inspired
  • Resources like a tailored meal planning and tracking app and “cheat sheets”
  • Recipes that are set out in a way that they can be tailored to your unique dietary requirements
  • Actionable and measurable lifestyle “hacks”

1,800 USD or 6 x 365 USD/month (discount for one-off payment)

The 5 Modules of the
Recovery Fundamentals Program

Nutrition Fundamentals:

This module teaches you all about nutrition fundamentals and their relevance to your metabolic health. You will understand and personalise macro- and micronutrients and learn how to measure and, above all, optimise your metabolic health. And before you ask – this is not ”just” following an approach or diet- it’s nutrition that is tailored to YOU and you’ll discover how to go about this with data, tools and also creativity!

Food Fundamentals:

Here, we give you the fundamental knowledge about food- from building your knowledge with amazing resources to learning about label reading, food storage, meal planning tools (that may be different depending on your “tech- savviness” and, of course, cooking methods, hacks and recipe creation. Your skills will be honed every month with our live “Culinary Creations Collective” where Domini Kemp joins Patricia Daly- the duo that have written the bestselling book “The Ketogenic Kitchen”!

Lifestyle Fundamentals:

Lifestyle is extremely important and often neglected when it comes to the recovery process. We will focus on key lifestyle factors like nervous system regulation, inner work, sleep, physical activity, organisational skills and so much more. This will uplevel your knowledge and body awareness as you create an environment to support your health, optimise it by using sound habits and foster continuous improvement.

Fundamentals of your Eating and Living Environment:

We also address some big but often underestimated stumbling blocks in our environment. Starting with mindful eating, you will also learn how to navigate social situations- from travelling to eating out. Building a solid knowledge base around toxins- where are they, what are the main ones, which surprising sources haven’t we even thought about- is also key when we work on our metabolic health. 

Fundamental Aspects of Personalised Medicine:

In this module, you will learn about the fundamentals of nutrigenomics so that you can make an informed decision whether to take this test or not. We also talk about lab tests, gut health and personalised fasting. And, of course- we discuss the all-important topic of supplements!

Get to know the Recovery Fundamentals Framework

Understand and Identify Your Unique Metabolic Needs

Restore Your Vitality

Embrace Lifestyle Changes

Leverage Your Personal Health Data

Unlock Your Own Health Advocate

1,800 USD or 6 x 365 USD/month (discount for one-off payment)


When does the programme start?

The programme was originally launched in December 2021. Since January 2022, enrolment has been possible upon application at any time to ensure a suitable candidate can seamlessly integrate into the group without having to wait. As you know, with chronic illness, waiting is a luxury we cannot afford! You can consume the video content at your own pace and in any sequence that suits, and then join the live clinics for clarification, action-taking, learning and ongoing motivation.

Do I have to do nutrigenomic testing, and is its interpretation included in this programme?

The programme is structured in a way that it is your choice whether you do nutrigenomic testing or not- you will find the programme invaluable either way! But we strongly recommend doing the test because it helps you gain a much deeper understanding of your body and mind. It’ll serve as a key tool in designing your personalised food and lifestyle plan. It’s a very simple saliva test that you perform in the comfort of your home with our instructions. You then send it back to the laboratory in the USA via courier (FedEx or similar if you reside outside the USA).

The programme videos will help you with basic interpretation and a solid understanding of what and why we are testing. But please be aware that for an in-depth personalisation of certain aspects, you’re best off booking an additional 1-on-1 consultation with an AWARE team member, who also takes your health history and blood biochemistry into account. We do our utmost to answer basic questions in our video sessions and live clinics.

Is it necessary to monitor my glucose (and ketone, if necessary) levels?

Yes, a Keto Mojo or similar monitor (or continuous glucose monitor) to test for glucose and ideally also ketone levels is essential to follow this programme and optimise metabolic health. You will get a link that helps you avail of a discount for a Keto Mojo. Don’t worry, you will be receiving exact guidance on how and when to use your glucometer, what to look out for and how to start viewing it as a helpful tool rather than a painful chore!

I really don't want to do finger prick testing all the time- can I still participate in the programme?

There are other options like e.g. wearing a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) instead of doing finger prick testing. Patricia can support you either way (plus show you the limitations of different tools- an often discussed topic in the live Q&A sessions) and guide you through the analysis of your data.

Will the video and group sessions teach me everything I need to know?

At the end of the program, you will have solid and deep knowledge of what a tailored diet and lifestyle plan looks like for you and how you can tweak it if necessary. You will have the option of booking additional 1-on-1 sessions with AWARE doctors or health professionals at a special rate if you feel you need more individual support.

Will I have to weigh my food and everything I put in my mouth?

Patricia is a fan of having and giving choices! There will be various options available to you to design your meals and learn about food. Weighing food can give some people peace of mind (plus it enhances their learning about food) and others become more anxious. This is why Patricia has developed various tools to help you keep track of your meals.

I'm not willing to share potentially confidential information in a group- what should I do?

Our weekly clinics happen in small group settings where everybody sends in their questions in advance- not just the participants who can’t attend live. In advance of the clinic hour, we prepare a slide show to answer all the questions and we never mention who asked a specific question (unless they need clarifications during the clinic session). That way, we can make sure everybody feels safe and protected.

In terms of support and accountability, we now know that group programmes can be incredibly effective in improving health outcomes. Confidential information can of course also be shared in one of the individual sessions with Patricia.

If you prefer to go through the programme with intensive 1-on-1 support by Patricia and the AWARE team without the group aspect (i.e. the weekly group sessions are replaced by individual sessions), please contact us at [email protected].

How do I ask a question for the live clinics?

There will be a form to submit questions before the live clinics. Questions need to be submitted at least 24 hours before our live meeting. This will help Patricia to prepare but also to prevent repeat questions during the live calls. Also, people who cannot attend live are given the opportunity to ask questions.

Is there a guarantee that all my questions will be answered during the live clinics?

One of the biggest benefits of group sessions is that other members of the program may ask questions that you never considered! Or they may ask questions that are tightly related to your own. Although the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 20, there’s no guarantee that all the questions can always be answered straight away. Patricia will make sure they will be addressed in other ways, e.g. by making additional videos or during one of your individual sessions.

What if I have burning questions between the calls? Can I email or message for a quick response?

There will be ways of asking quick, specific questions within the programme platform via a chat system. If the query is more complex, please add it to your question form so that they can be in the queue for the next live clinic. If it is treatment or medication-related, please book a consultation with one of our medical doctors- contact us on [email protected].

How many participants are in the group?

We aim to have a maximum of 24 participants in the live groups at any time to ensure enough personalisation and confidentiality. In our experience, not everybody can join the live sessions all the time, but the replays are available all the time for the duration of your participation in the programme- and thereafter if you’re in the “Recovery Mastery Membership”.

I'm a practitioner and want to learn about your unique approach- can I participate?

This programme is designed for the general public, not for practitioners. If you wish to join a waiting list for future practitioner programmes, please email [email protected] with your query.

Will all the video content be available and accessible upon sign-up?

Video material that you can consume at your own pace but the program will give you a clear structure with the live Q&A sessions. The entire video library will be unlocked once you’ve watch the 3 key welcome videos to get started. Updates and new videos will be created upon demand.

What do you do to keep participants motivated?

We have various ways to keep you on your toes! Attending the clinic sessions live to connect with others is one aspect, and we also have quizzes integrated into the program. They’re not there to stress you but they help you- and us- keep track of your progress.

Do I need to be tech-savvy to participate?

All our communications, videos, live sessions and individual consultations are conducted within our Clinic Hub. All you need for it is a username and password- and that’s it. All you need is a basic level of computer or smart phone literacy (our app is also available on the phone) and you’re set! We also offer tech support if you require it. 

Can't I just work with you 1:1?

Because we take an education-focused approach to our care, we accompany all our consultation packages with a program. The exception is the “Second Opinion” one-off consultation with Dr Wafaa if you’re under the care of a primary consultant but are keen to add metabolic and integrative therapies to your regime. 

In the Recovery Fundamentals program, you have regular direct access to Patricia within a small group setting. You get a 75-minute private consultation with her and she’s there teaching and supporting through for 6 months and beyond. After the initial intense 16 weeks, you also have monthly clinic time with Dr Wafaa

Plus, once you are part of this program, you get preferential placement for 1:1 consultations and/or packages with AWARE Clinic if you need further support. And you will benefit a lot more from any 1:1 time with us. 

Would it be faster to do this with you 1:1?

The answer is a clear NO! This program walks you through the exact same process that we go through on a metabolic health journey and it’s not any slower in this group setting. On the contrary: Because you get immediate access to the entire programme once you sign up, you can skip ahead and go at a higher pace than 1:1 consultations would allow.

But of course, it’s also a question of “you get out what you put in”!

The two big differences are 1) the cost –this program is much more affordable than booking weekly sessions with us for 6 months, and 2) the length of time spent with us and therefore an opportunity to ask all your questions. What we have put into this program dramatically exceeds what we could ever teach you in a one-to-one format.

We launched and have continually improved and honed this program for over 2 years and are excited to offer that to you, too!

Meet Patricia Daly


THANK YOU for your interest in our work and in joining our flagship program! Since you’re here, I’m guessing that you’re on a path to finding your way back to health and vitality with a chronic health condition. 

I’ve been there myself (three times, unfortunately!) and know exactly what rollercoaster you’re on. Some days are great, and you’re confident that you’re making the “right” choices, other days are darker and full of doubt. I get it! Sometimes, the project of rebuilding my health and wellbeing seemed like a full-time job to me- including lots of unpaid overtime. I definitely did a few detours and unnecessary trips during my journey of figuring out what impacts my wellbeing most without sacrificing my entire life to it.

And this has become my big mission with my work now: Helping others who are in a similar situation regain vitality, a zest for life and peace of mind by tracking, measuring and using science to their advantage. BUT it’s also all about listening to our intuition. Combining knowledge and inner wisdom is a skill anybody can develop, and it’s one of the biggest gifts that I can pass on to others. I’m not “only” a nutritional therapist but have also achieved Masters level in applied biomagnetic therapy over the past 5 years. Additionally, intensive courses in mindful self-compassion and psychological fitness have also contributed to a further understanding of multiple mindset/ belief system and psychological concerns that I address with my clients if and when appropriate.

Are you ready to get started on this journey with us? Let’s do this!

Meet Dr Wafaa Abdel-Hadi


Welcome to our Special Recovery Program!

If you are tired of not knowing which treatment is right for you, If you have visited a lot of doctors, have googled and researched a lot of websites in order to understand how to save your life! Wondering which food to eat, which diet to follow, if you are doing the right approach towards your cancer diagnosis or you are simply afraid of getting cancer and want to prevent it knowing that you have a strong positive family history for cancer or have seen a loved one suffer. Then this is the right place for you to start… In order to regain control over your body and take advantage of the miraculous healing powers of the human body, you need to embrace the fundamentals of recovery… without those fundamentals , your body will not be able to thrive and recover.

Being a clinical oncologist myself and treating thousands of dear patients using conventional approaches with associated side effects and increasing risks of recurrences has made me shift my career to Integrative oncology, using my functional medicine experience in order to understand the root cause of your body’s imbalances that has led to the development of cancer and how we can reprogram your body using the right tools at the right time in the right dose and sequence.

Stop the overwhelm, do not be obsessed with one protocol fits all, master the fundamentals needed for your body to thrive and focus your energy on recovery. Those are the basics needed for any type treatment to work!

We are very excited that you are here!

We offer Transformative Metabolic Care

Re-activate the Miracle of the Human Body