Zahra Hassan, MSc

Zahraa Hassan is a clinical pharmacist with a profound commitment to improving lives through her extensive expertise and personal journey. She earned her Master’s in Pharmacy from the esteemed University of Strathclyde, Scotland, in 2004, where she began her career as a hospital pharmacist. Zahraa’s dedication to advancing her field led her to pursue a Masters in Clinical Pharmacy from the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, in 2010, marking the start of her impactful journey as a clinical pharmacist.

Beyond her professional achievements, Zahraa faced a unique health challenge when diagnosed with type-1 diabetes at the age of 31. Despite adhering to conventional dietary advice, she struggled to stabilize her sugars. Determined to take control of her health, Zahraa explored various methods, eventually finding success with a ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting, significantly improving her diabetes control.

The resilience gained from managing diabetes became a pivotal asset when, at 39, Zahraa confronted another unexpected hurdle—being diagnosed with breast cancer. Refusing to succumb to the diagnosis, she delved into understanding the disease, realizing the crucial role of metabolic health in cancer. Zahraa’s self-learning, perseverance, alongside a supportive network enabled her to achieve remission.

Zahraa’s journey fuels her deep understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with type-1 diabetes and other metabolic disorders, including cancer. Committed to making a difference, She is dedicated to promoting awareness, education, and support for those struggling with metabolic disorders. Her unique blend of personal experience, professional background, and a passion for positive change positions Zahraa as a dedicated advocate for metabolic health.

Outside her professional endeavors, Zahraa finds solace and rejuvenation in nature hikes and horseback riding, contributing to her overall healing process. Her multifaceted approach to well-being reflects her commitment to empowering others on their own health journeys.

Languages: Arabic & English

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