The Optimistic Oncologist

Dr. Wafaa Abdel-Hadi, MD


Founder of AWARE clinic in 2014 for Functional Medicine and Integrative Oncology
Co-founder and Managing Director of AWARE clinic for Metabolic Therapy in 2024

Dr Wafaa is a Clinical Oncologist & Functional Medicine Doctor,  an international Speaker, researcher and the Founder of AWARE clinic – a professional Educational platform that guides people on how to take charge of their health through analyzing the pattern of their imbalances and trusting in the Miracle of the human body to heal when given the right tools to survive and thrive, That is called “Reprograming of your body” by implementing the “Recovery Fundamentals”.

She is an advisory board member of the German-based European Keto Live Centre for Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies. She is also on the scientific curriculum board committee of the Integrative Oncology Working Group (IOWG), USA and the first certified Functional Medicine Doctor in Egypt and the Middle East from The Institute for Functional Medicine, IFM, USA and a certified international health coach from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, USA, which empowers her to closely establish the confidence and empathy needed to work with her patients.

Languages: Arabic, English & French

My Approach & Values

Being a clinical oncologist myself and treating thousands of dear patients using conventional approaches with associated side effects and increasing risks of recurrences has made me shift my career to Integrative oncology, using my Functional Medicine experience to understand the root cause of your body’s imbalances that have led to the development of Chronic Diseases, where Cancer is considered one of them.

My passion is to research and teach everyone about the Miracle of the Human Body and how you can reprogram your body using the right tools at the right time with the right dose to reactivate its ability to Recover and Heal.

You need to Stop being overwhelmed, do not be obsessed with one protocol fits all, master the fundamentals needed for your body to thrive and focus your energy on recovery. Those are the basics needed for any type of treatment to work!

My Experience

  • Clinical Oncology (Chemo-Radiotherapy, Immunotherapy)
  • Functional Medicine & Laboratory Interpretations
  • Pathology Analysis, Molecular and Nutrigenomics

My Education

  • BBCH Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery, Kasr AlAiny, Egypt
  • MSc Clinical Oncologist, Kasr AlAiny, Cairo University, Egypt
  • Institute for Functional Medicine, IFM, USA
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition, IIN, USA
  • Metabolic Approach to Cancer MasterMind Program, by Nasha Winters ND FABNO

How I can guide you

Personalized Consultation

After Joining the Recovery Fundamental Program. I offer you a  deep dive into your:

  • Medical History & Symptoms
  • Blood Biochemistry & Nutrigenomics
  •  All their questions and concerns
  • Design and Discuss with you an algorithm for available treatment options according to the International Guidelines and your Metabolic Needs.
  • Help you overcome your health imbalances, regain and sustain your vitality

2nd Opinion

If you are seeking 2nd opinion to make sure you are on the right track. I offer you a single Individualized Consultation and you continue with your primary care physician

Whether you are on Recovery Fundamental Program or with another doctor, I am here for you to support you with Scientific medical data combining conventional treatments with Applied Metabolic Therapy

Tailored Packages

One of our Transformation Team members will discuss with you if you need a closer follow up or simply  want to jump the queue!

Upon Availability.

"I really appreciate everything you are doing for me. You are one of the smartest people I know and I am soooo blessed to have you ahead of my team. You are so down to earth, witty and fun to be around but most of all have big hearts and huge passions to help others. I can't tell you how blessed I feel to have you and Patricia as my health care team."

B.B, USA, age: 43

"I really believe that your Recovery Fundamentals program is giving me the chance to feel amazing and recover quickly after the surgery"

Jon, UK: Age 65

We offer Transformative Metabolic Care

Re-activate the Miracle of the Human Body