Dr Ahmed ElSakka, MD

After Graduating from Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University and finishing neurosurgery residency for 3 years, Dr. El-Sakka travelled to USA and acquired a post-graduate diploma in neuro-metabolism from John Hopkins hospitals, USA in the pursuit of understanding the underlying metabolism affecting refractory epileptic patients, that is when he understood the powerful impact of a ketogenic diet on cellular energetics including cancer cell metabolism. He pursued a career as a Research fellow in cancer molecular biology and metabolism at Boston college, USA , working in their labs hand in hand with Prof. Thomas Seyfried. They have co-authored multiple scientific papers together. Dr EL-Sakka didn’t stop there, but wanted to know more about cancer at a submolecular levels, so he continued to study and has finished a post-graduate diploma in clinical applied biochemistry from Harvard school of medicine, USA , a post-graduate diploma in Epigenetics and gene expression from Melbourne University Australia and finally a post -graduate diploma of clinical nutrition and metabolisms from national nutritional institute, Cairo, Egypt.

Dr. El-Sakka has finished his laser practice license certificate for use of class 3b and class 4 laser in Photobiomodulation and Photodynamic therapy and laser ablation.

Now, Being the Senior researcher and Medical director of The Egyptian Foundation for Research and Community Development, applying his science in

Clinical metabolism, Cancer metabolism and Clinical applied biochemistry, hoping to develop better outcomes for cancer patients using his methods to optimize conventional therapy provided to cancer patients and improving their outcomes and quality of life.

Dr. El-Sakka is a member of:

  • Global Society of Metabolic Therapy ( co-Founder)
  • Global Leadership Panel at Fight Cancer Global
  • Egyptian Functional Medicine Association
  • Egyptian Medical Society for Ozone Therapy and Complementary medicine

Languages: Arabic & English

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