Educational Lectures & Webinars

Education and awareness are the backbone of your Health, knowing and understanding the Miracle of the Human Body and how we can help the Body to heal itself.
Having the Basic knowledge through periodic audio-visual lectures that are supported by Scientific evidence and asking your questions will empower you to start the right path from the Start and will make your initial consultation or Recovery Programs much easier for you.

Individualized Consultations

There is no One pill fits all. That is why at AWARE clinic we are taking the time and doing the extra work to dive deep into the patient’s health to understand the imbalances happening in his body, which imbalance to address first, and which tools are best for him.
Tools can include:

1- Life style Modification: exercise, sleep, nutrition and how you breathe.
2- Certain Foods that works on certain diseases.
3- Making the Necessary check up investigations to see how those imbalances have affected his body.
4- Make a Tailored Individualized Protocol and a follow up plan, which will be implemented by one of our trusted nutritional therapists, naturopaths or certified health coaches in order to make sure you are on the right track in your healing journey.

The Success of any Program, Protocol or consultation depends on “The Compliance & Willingness of the Patient to invest in his health and Perseverance to change his old habits into new healthy ones”.
You are The Driver of your own Health; we are just here to give you directions!

Recovery programs

Recovery programs are prepared periodically based on the most demanding health requests sent to the clinic throughout that year. It is the first step you would like to take in order to take control of your health. We highly recommend joining a recovery program when it is being announced prior to booking an individualized consultation as it will save you a lot of time and efforts just following the simple steps to your healing journey.
Recovery programs Include:

  • Cancer Prevention
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Gastro-Intestinal Imbalances
  • Cardio- Metabolic health
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Neurodegenerative Disorders

Cancer prevention

Cancer Prevention is of utmost importance. Think About it…why wait for Cancer when you can prevent it.
Most campaigns against cancer are for early detection to offer cure, but once Cancer evolves in someone’s body, you have to understand; Why did that Person develop Cancer? and then start working on the root cause that has led to its development to prevent its recurrence.
Genetics are only responsible for 10-20% of cancer development. The rest are due to many factors such as environmental, infectious, lifestyle, work-related, stress and many more.
Applying Functional Medicine in Cancer Prevention is super important as you look at the Body’s environment, genes, what you eat, drink , breathe, your ability to detox correctly and in the right manner, and preventing further intoxication. Improving the Body’s immune system to fight back and claim its upper hand.

Applying the Metabolic Approach to Cancer is one of our specialties here at AWARE clinic. Following the footsteps of Dr Thomas Seyfried, Dr Nasha Winters and many more.
Remember The Miracle of The Human Body.

Autoimmune Diseases

Auto-Immune Diseases are explained as an out of control immune system attacking your own body cells causing problems in joints, connective tissues, thyroid, brain, etc.
The Easy and Quick fix to relieve the symptoms is by offering immuno-suppression to control the pain associated with such diseases. For the short term, it is a brilliant tool and approved by the international guidelines. But on the long term, immunosuppressive drugs cause drastic side effects that can contribute to more diseases.
Applying Functional Medicine in Auto-Immune Diseases is super important , diving deep into the root cause of why your immune system is attacking your own cells and why does it attack that specific area. Walking hand in hand with your primary physician, we start to Re-educate your immune system, alleviate your symptoms naturally and re-booting your system.
This is the Miracle of The Human Body.

Gastro-Intestinal Imbalances

“All Diseases begin in the Gut”~ The Hippocrates said that 2000 years ago.
However, to be more accurate, Most Diseases begin when you change the Bacteria of your gut. There is a Normal Balance between bad and good bacteria.
This is Called “The Microbiome”. Inflammation is one of the most important factors affecting the Microbiome & Gut health.

Disease associated with Long term Disturbance of The Gut Microbiota includes:
– Poor Immune Health
– Skin Disorders
– Mental Health Disorders
– Heart Diseases
– Weight Gain and Obesity
– Type 2 Diabetes
– Acid Reflux
– Constipation or Diarrhoea
– Asthma & Chronic Sinus Infections
– Auto-Immune Conditions
– Neuro- Degenerative Diseases
– Cancer

Applying Functional Medicine in Gastro-Intestinal Disturbances is super important to determine the underlying type of inflammation, microbiome imbalances, type of invaders and how to get rid of them whether viruses, bacteria, parasites or fungus. Hormonal Imbalances can also lead to Gastro-intestinal Imbalances and many more.

Cardio-Metabolic-Hormonal Imbalances

Cardio- Metabolic Diseases does not always happen in an obese patient. It is often seen these days with stress and in normal weight patients as well. Genetics and Lifestyle patterns play major roles for individuals being more prone to Hypertension, Diabetes, obesity and Stroke.
Applying Functional Medicine in Cardio- Metabolic Diseases is essential to determine the underlying cause of inflammation and hormonal imbalances affecting the development of such condition.  Lifestyle modifications including the type of nutrition and exercise is a corner stone in improving the condition and it differs from one individual to another.